Silvan Logistics szkoli przyszlych logistykow

In 2016, Silvan Logistics passed the external audit of its whole logistics chain, completed with the IFS Logistics certificate on
a standard level. A consecutive audit carried out by TUV Rheinland confirmed the quality and safety of our services on a higher level!

The requirements of IFS (International Food Standard) concern safety, quality, and high standards of rendered services within logistics processes: loading, carriage, unloading, storage, service, and further distribution. The IFS Logistics certificate, which is recognised all over the world, gives objective evidence that the management of such services complies with international standards and is subject to continuous improvement.

Silvan Logistics has held the IFS Logistics certificate since 2016. The latest audit, carried out in July this year, ended not only with the extension of the licence but with granting the certificate on a higher level as well. The document confirms that we meet requirements within food carriage in stable ambient conditions as well as stricter criteria for refrigerated and deep-frozen carriage (-18°C).

Owing to the IFS standard, our Clients can rest assured that the refrigerated chain of delivery, of which we are a part, will be maintained at every stage, from a producer to a consumer.

The IFS Logistics certificate is issued for the period of 12 months.

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